CoderDojo Coding Club Flyer

CoderDojo Coding Club Flyer

CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free coding clubs for young people between 7 and 17.

The CoderDojo Foundation (a registered charity) operates out of Dublin, the foundation supports the individual CoderDojo coding clubs (called “Dojos”) with extensive online support materials and services covering Scratch, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, App Inventor, Swift, and Microbit.

The aim of the CoderDojo Foundation is to help address the shortage of computer software engineers, programmers, and coders by introducing young people to computer programming in a fun environment.

CoderDojo estimates there are over 1,500 Dojos spread across 69 countries, with a growth rate of several new Dojos every week.

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