Crochet Pirate Ship

Crochet Pirate Ship

AI Image Creation Settings

Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (SDXL 1.0).
NightCafe Creator model Mysterious XL v4: An SDXL model for fantasy art and Asian culture, by LahIntheFutureland.

AI Image Text Prompts

Primary Text Prompt
“Extremely detailed beautiful enchanted flying pirate ship in space made in crochet, crochet galaxy, crochet planets, colorful yarn threads, photorealism, crochet fantasy landscape, inspired by studio Ghibli, Textured, octane photograph, 4k, gorgeous composition, vibrant triadic colours, 8K resolution 64 megapixels soft focus,”
Weight: 1

Negative Text Prompt
“empty background, Low Rated, Frame, Low Quality, Worst Quality, 3D Render, Plastic, Simplistic, poorly drawn face, mutation, bad anatomy, bad proportions, extra limbs, Liz Gael, out of frame, long neck, unclear, body out of frame”
Weight: -0.7

Other AI Prompt Settings

Initial Resolution: Medium
Runtime: Short
Seed: 3634566090 the seed number adds randomness to the AI image creation process.
Overall Prompt Weight: 75%
Refiner Weight: 10%
Sampling method: K_DPMPP_2M

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