Double Exposure Of A Ship In A Raging Storm

Double Exposure Of A Ship In A Raging Storm

AI Image Creation Settings

Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (SDXL 1.0).
NightCafe Creator model Mysterious XL v4: An SDXL model for fantasy art and Asian culture, by LahIntheFutureland.

AI Image Text Prompts

Primary Text Prompt
“Double exposure of a ship in a raging storm in a glass bottle. Epic cinematic brilliant stunning intricate meticulously detailed dramatic atmospheric maximalist digital matte painting, reds, greens”
Weight: 1

Other AI Prompt Settings

Initial Resolution: Medium
Runtime: Short
Seed: 1410245771 the seed number adds randomness to the AI image creation process.
Overall Prompt Weight: 50%
Refiner Weight: 10%
Sampling method: K_DPMPP_2M

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