Robot Car DC Motors

Robot Car DC Motors

Step 1 is prepare the 4 robot car DC motors for installation onto the robot cars bottom acrylic chassis base in step 2.

For each DC motor you will need:

  • 1x Robot Car DC Motor
  • 2x M3*30mm Bolts
  • 2x M3 Nuts
  • 1x Aluminum Block

The Arduino UNO car kit is well organised, all the aluminum blocks and bolts/nuts for step 1 and step 2 are held in a single zip lock bag with a Motor: label listing the contents.

Robot Car DC Motors Notes
Not shown in the image above, the motors each have two wires soldered to the DC motors ready to attach to the L298N Motor Driver Board. Place the Aluminum Block on the same side as the soldered wires so when the smart robot car is complete the wires are safely stored on the inside of the car so the solder is less likely to be broken when in use.

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