DALL-E 3 Watercolor of an Old Dog Staring at a War Memorial 2

DALL-E 3 Watercolor of an Old Dog Staring at a War Memorial 2

AI Image Creation Settings

Dall-E 3 BING Designer Text to Image Prompt
“Watercolor, old dog sitting looking at a war memorial in the rain, his back facing us, over the shoulder shot, rainy gloomy atmosphere. Red poppies. Soft watercolor, complex contrast, pastel colours, masterpiece.”

I used Microsoft’s Copilot AI to describes this image via the following query:

“Describe this image https://s4scoding.com/images/dall-e-3-watercolor-old-dog-war-memorial-2.jpg and suggest a text to image prompt which might recreate the image.”

Copilot Result

Image Description: The image you provided depicts a watercolor scene featuring an old dog near a war memorial. The colors are soft and blend seamlessly, creating a serene and nostalgic atmosphere. The dog appears contemplative, perhaps reflecting on the past.

To generate a text-to-image prompt that might recreate a similar scene, you could try the following:

Text-to-Image Prompt: “Watercolor seascape of a peaceful war memorial, with an elderly dog sitting nearby, surrounded by lush greenery. The soft morning light casts gentle shadows on the memorial stones.”

Feel free to experiment with variations or additional details to fine-tune the generated image. You can explore tools like DALL·E 2 by OpenAI to bring your vision to life. 🎨🐶🌿

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