DALL-E 3 Watercolor of an Old Dog Staring at a War Memorial 3

DALL-E 3 Watercolor of an Old Dog Staring at a War Memorial 3

AI Image Creation Settings

Dall-E 3 BING Designer Text to Image Prompt
“Watercolor, old dog sitting looking at a war memorial in the rain, his back facing us, over the shoulder shot, rainy gloomy atmosphere. Red poppies. Soft watercolor, complex contrast, pastel colours, masterpiece.”

I used Microsoft’s Copilot AI to describes this image via the following query:

“Describe this image https://s4scoding.com/images/dall-e-3-watercolor-old-dog-war-memorial-3.jpg and suggest a text to image prompt which might faithfully recreate this image.”

Copilot Result

Image Description: The image you provided depicts a watercolor-style scene featuring an old dog standing near a war memorial. The colors are soft and muted, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence.

To create a text-to-image prompt that might faithfully recreate this scene, consider the following:

Text-to-Image Prompt: “An aging Labrador retriever stands beside a weathered war memorial, its eyes filled with memories of bygone battles.”

Feel free to adjust and refine the prompt based on your artistic vision. 🎨

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