Cubetto Classroom Trial Review

Cubetto Classroom Trial Review

We investigated the impact of different approaches (pedagogies) and progression in Reception and Key Stage 1 classrooms for one specific area.

Cubetto was chosen as a context for delivering the pedagogies. For over three months, we trialled the Cubetto in two schools across three year groups to find out how best to teach tangible programming to Reception and Key Stage 1 children.

The main aim of the trial was to find out how to make coding tangible, where tangible means clear enough or definite enough to be easily seen, felt or noticed and to be clearly grasped by the mind (Collins Online Dictionary).

Children worked in mixed ability pairs. We tried six different pedagogical approaches. Bee-Bot activities were run alongside the Cubetto activities. We compared our results and examined which approach helped the children move on with their learning.

The pedagogies we used were suggested by Jane Waite’s scaffolding continuum to ‘guide tasks and activities’.

Continuum of Approaches for Teaching Programming

Copying Code : Targeted Tasks : Sharing Programming : Guided Exploration : Projects Tinkering

The findings of the present trial are summarised in Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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