MIT App Inventor 2 I Have A Dream Android App

MIT App Inventor 2 I Have A Dream Android App

As part of the App Inventor 2 Course in a Box Tutorial (App Inventor’s starter tutorial) there’s a sample App Inventor project called “I Have a Dream” soundboard app (app blurb below).

Build the “I Have A Dream” App.

“I Have a Dream!” is an educational “soundboard” app that plays the famous speech of Martin Luther King. Its a great way to get started with App Inventor and programming.

It’s a simple Android app consisting of three images, two of which are buttons which when clicked play a Martin Luther King speech.

From a learning Android app development perspective it’s the visual language block based code that’s similar to Scratch or Blockly which makes the tool accessible to the school environment: the teacher doesn’t have to be a software engineer to use App Inventor 2 as a teaching aid in the classroom.

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